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Remember when we were kids? Photo161

Back when every backyard across America had a good old fashioned big picnic table?

When your family spent the summer barbecuing and enjoying the outdoors?

What was once part of our nations landscape is now difficult to find which is why at Big Picnic Tables, I celebrate the beauty of America and quality outdoor family time.

Nowadays it seems like our only option is to buy fragile tables made of tin and glass that don’t last very long. Like you, I prefer to invest my money in things that will last which is why I build six and eight-foot long standard old-school picnic tables.

I guarantee my tables will last because each Big Picnic Table is individually crafted from locally bought materials meticulously chosen by me.

If I wouldn’t buy it then I won’t sell it which is why I’ll buy back any of my Big Picnic Tables within 5 years if you aren’t 100% completely satisfied.